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Who Cheats in Golf???

How do you feel about cheating, and what constitutes cheating? We all know that it is fairly customary to be able to take a Mulligan on the first hole. I certainly don’t mind a mulligan, and it helps to start the round off feeling good about yourself, unless you take the mulligan and shank that one as well. So, then the round continues… If you are not playing in a scramble or specialty tournament, that’s pretty much it for free shots… It’s now up to us to keep the proper score, maintain play, and basically not cheat. Is it hard not to cheat? Is it difficult to actually have a seven, eight, or nine and write the proper score down? Does it feel better to lie about ball placement, kick your ball out of the rough, or even drop the ball while no one is looking…? We have seen these things happen, we have probably even played a round or two with people who do these things. How do you deal with that type of play? Do you turn your head and look the other way? Do you confront the person? Honestly, I never gave golf cheaters a real thought. I guess, because other than the forgetful memory loss of an additional stroke, I have never thought about faking ball placement or placing a ball for my advantage. Now, while I am thinking about this, I will have to admit something to you… When I hit my ball in the water I guess sometimes I do cheat… I do not always take the in, out, plus one penalty… Why do you ask? Well, if I had a second chance I bet I wouldn’t have gone into the water… lol!....Have you ever said that as well?? So, I guess cheating is in the eye of the beholder. When it’s all said and done, we really don’t want to cheat ourselves... But we know we could do better and we don’t like to lose. What are your thoughts on cheating?? Enjoy, and Just Pop! Meaghan

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