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Let’s give a shout out to our… Golf shoes, and our Moms!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Golf shoes are like Mom’s. They don’t get enough admiration.

Many of us can’t succeed without them… Often, they either make your day or break it. Whether you’re playing in 100° dry heat or in the driving rain of the Northeast, they are there for you. They look out for you, they try to keep you grounded. They even talk to you subconsciously and let you know their feelings.

As we stand up tall and address the ball, we are proud in our golf shoes. We know they are the roots beneath our feet that hold us steady and allow us to drive forward.

Personally, I love the feeling of my soft cleats in the grass as I plant my feet and get ready to strike.

And....then there is La Playa. I prefer to call ‘the sand’ fun names like the beach because it keeps my blood pressure down.

As I sink my feet into the beach, I dig those cleats in, and I am very happy my shoes are working with me as I try to accomplish ‘a good out’.

That’s Teamwork!

We love our golf shoes! We take care of our golf shoes, meticulously scrubbing or rubbing them down so they are neat and tidy.

They are with us through thick and thin, and even on a bad day, we are happy to have them with us.

I think most of us can honestly say we love our golf shoes as much as our moms!

If you are lucky enough to have your Mom in your life, the next time you see her say thank you.

Enjoy...and Just Pop!!


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