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Lesson of the day…..A lesson is very helpful

How many lessons have you taken over your golfing career? Just a few? Many? Maybe too many or maybe not enough...?

A golf lesson can be very liberating… Your teacher attempts to guide you to confidence through technique, so you believe more in yourself and in your game.

Just a few words, simple explanation, or a visual example can provide positive change within us and help us think more positively.

Maybe you have heard statements such as…. Just let the club do what it does, trust your club, keep your head down when you connect, look down at your feet, use your finger to point and you’ll see exactly where you’re going to hit, putt for the cup, don’t leave it short, be patient, breath....

Personally, I always remember, “reach back and touch the potted plant....”

These, and many other lessons/techniques are positive teachings to be used during each golf round and beyond...Liberate your mind and see your success. Improve your swing with visualization, Become more confident with each connection.

Bottom line: Stay Calm, Breath, Enjoy and Just Pop!


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