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Camaraderie and Complements on the Course

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

I played golf the other day in a fantastic female foursome. Great gameplay and lighthearted competition. We spent the day cheering each other on and it felt great to do so. The power of positivity is very real..

when we complement each other, even if we’re having a tough round we’re able to keep our head held high and press forward.

Speaking of compliments, one woman in our group had a phenomenal looking skirt on! Bright colors, classy absolute win! There was only one problem… The skirt does not have pockets.

“How do you deal with carrying two golf balls“ I asked. She replied “Well, I can’t carry two golf balls so I wind up running back-and-forth to the cart if I lose a ball. I know it’s a bummer, but I love the skirt.”

When someone opens the door for you, you should welcome the invitation…

I said, “Let me show you something new!

I pulled The Ball Pop from my waistband and said, “This could be your new golf buddy, Give it a try!“

The Ball Pop solves the problem of having pocketless apparel.

The Ball Pop allows you to carry two golf balls, therefore, you don’t have to worry about Shanking a ball and running back to your cart to retrieve ball two, as the rest of your group proceeds.

Whether you have pocketless apparel, pocket slits that just don’t fit a golf ball, or regular deep pocketed apparel, The Ball Pop now provides an efficient way to carry golf balls and adds a sleek look while you’re doing it.

Enjoy and just pop!

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